November 24, 2009


Okay, I will admit that I have been so pumped for this game since we moved here--it was on my calendar for a month. There was no way I was going to miss this. It's all I wanted to see. I was like a kid on Christmas busting out the Bob Sanders jersey, waiting to see my boys show New England what's up. I got up and went to the grocery store in my Colts jersey, made breakfast in my Colts jersey, wore my Colts jersey to the park. After I didn't immediately get ran over at the grocery, I think I'm good and New England can handle it. Ugh.

Ryan and I decided to go out for the game. We end up at a place called Rivalries, which is appropriate and completely hysterical at the same time. So we show up for the game a bit early and one of the guys working at the bar says to me jokingly, "We don't serve Colts fans here" and I give the obligatory smile and nod.

I've always heard that Pats fans are assholes but experiencing it first hand is quite different. I had really no preconceived notions about how I would be treated and furthermore, I thought they'd go easy on my because I'm a girl and cute. I will give credit--one guy gives me the "What's that about" look and I explain that we have just moved to Portland from Indianapolis and he gives me the pass. One other guy came in with his wife all decked out in Pats gear and we had a non-verbal mutual understanding that we were cool. Later in game he became Pats Super Fan and was rooting for every first down or even an inch that the Pats moved.

Subsequently, he became a heckler. We sat in the bar area which has an open ceiling to the upstairs. Someone booed me, another told me to go home, which I was a bit surprised at because I am a female. I mean Ryan didn't go in parading the Colts gear, but I did think I would be treated a little nicer.

I stand by my team the entire time and Ryan has no faith in my Nap Town boys. I am yelling the entire fourth quarter and I'm sure Ryan was utterly embarrassed to be seen with me. As we all know, my boys pull of the victory against the Pats and I have to remind the others in the bar to check the scoreboard, as they had been telling me all game.

I wanted to cry I was so happy. The Colts showing the Pats what's what right after we move here and to make it a suspenseful game at that! I have never been more proud to wear a Colts jersey.

To the Pats' fans credit, one guy came up post-game and told me it was really respectable for me to wear a Colts jersey to the bar in New England, but that doesn't make me respect Pats fans any more.

Go horse!

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