February 4, 2010

The DINK is back, baby!

Last Friday morning, I had a meeting with a woman here in Portland I find to be pretty insightful. I'm also checking in with her to see if she has any freelance graphic design work for me, talk about jobs and Portland in general. Her outlook about the job economy is not optimistic and I am a bit down after meeting with her.

Prior to my departure from the house that morning I had found and applied for a job that I seemed to be pretty qualified for. Like all the rest (42 to be exact), I expect not to get a call back and go about my day. Later, I get a call from them asking for an interview and I'm all about it. I go on Tuesday and am offered the job the next day.

Ryan has been applying for jobs since August and not really much as worked out. Today, he gets a job offer.

Here's to the DINK.

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