February 17, 2010

I'm in Love.

The house hunt has begun... again. The first time I came to Maine on vacation with the potential of moving here I had Ryan call some real estate agents to show us houses because I wanted to know what we would get here versus the Midwest. We ended up walking through about six houses (including one with an aluminum foil covered backsplash because, "they like to fry") and I was thoroughly unimpressed. What else would one expect when one moves from the Most Affordable City in the country (thank you very much CNN Money)?

R and I are pretty all in when it comes to things as this. We take it all seriously and do our research more than anything. Whether we're buying a car or kitchen gadget or throwing some serious money down on a house, we want to know all there is about it. We researched neighborhoods, schools, parks, taxes, grocery stores, distance to water and Greenbelts, garage space, basements, potential remodels, room for kids and it seems, everything one takes into consideration when buying a home.

So now we're on the list. Anytime something comes matching our criteria, we get an email. Earlier today, just as a precaution, R emails me the pre-approval letter and the brokers comments were, "You could make an offer today". I sweep that to the back of my mind and think, "Yeah, right". This afternoon I get a match, open it up and I am in looooove. Totally enamored and immediately call our broker to show it. 4:30.

R was late from work but when he finally showed up I warned him. "I'm in love." That's really all I needed to say at that point. He walks through the first floor and basement and he's totally feeling it. Once he finishes the walk through, we talk for a bit and we make an offer.

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