April 4, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood

We have been unpacking all weekend. Rearranging and moving things to their destination in the house. Yesterday, we had the side door open and were in and out, up and down all over the house. We returned our Budget truck in the morning and started in.

After taking care of quite a bit of stuff, R and I walked into the kitchen only to find a small white paper sack on our baker's rack. It had some writing on it which said simply, "Welcome to the neighborhood." Hmm. No other note, no signature, nothing. After scarfing down a delicious cranberry muffin and just as delicious cheese danish we headed to tear apart the desk to transport to the office.

Suddenly our neighbor right next door appeared. I had met him earlier on Friday, but R hadn't. I asked suspiciously if he was the bearer of tasty bakery treats and he confirmed my suspicion. I'm so happy we live here already... even more so with the (free) breakfast from Scratch Bakery. Yay!

I think he made a good impression on R.

And yes, it was like Christmas unpacking everything. There are so many little things you miss like, for me, kitchen and office stuff. I just needed a great whisk and pencil cup to make me happy.