May 3, 2010

The Training is now in Full Swing

When R first talked about the Trek Across Maine there were two things I noted: 1) he didn't address me when asking for participants, only his (male) best friend and 2) I had no idea what the Trek Across Maine was. The company R works for has a time and they were trying to recruit riders.

The Trek Across Maine is a three day, 170 mile cycling event that raises money for the American Lung Association. Each rider is required to raise $500. You can camp or stay in a dorm as the stopping points Friday and Saturday are at colleges.

Anyway, R came home and immediately asked J to do it with him. Really? What am I, chopped liver? I'm not sure if he didn't think I wanted to or that I couldn't do it, but when J realized he had a prior commitment, guess who was next on the list to ask. I'm only a casual bike rider and I there is no way I would want to ride my Trek mountain bike 170 miles. So I tell him this and I'm suddenly in the market for a new bike.

After doing some research and checking out some bikes, I was sold on the Giant. R has a Giant he really likes and I recently found out that two friends in Indiana had the same bike I was looking at and they loved them. I picked her up a month ago and so far, so good!

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